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We are keen football fans at AIM Concept so we ensure that our services related to the game are comprehensive, informative and engaging for our subscribers. African football fans want to know the latest on their favourite teams and we are pleased to keep them fully up to date. We also cover local and regional football matches and national and international events, plus, for our younger subscribers, school and holiday tournaments. Our Football Fantasy League, Predict and Win and Superfan services are very popular and there are some great prizes to be won in the Superfan quiz!


Smart Play Services


Play the Game

Keep up to date with all the latest news and views on the world of football. Explore the many other features we provide; view videos, check scores, bet on scores, you can even watch a video coaching session, and there is much, much more to enjoy with Play the Game.

Predict and Win

Subscribers can attempt to predict the final score in upcoming football matches. There are weekly prizes to be won by predicting the result of one match or several.

Football Fantasy League

Take part in our Fantasy League and become a club manager, building your dream team and leading it to great success. When your team is victorious in the League, there are some great prizes to be won.


Find out more about your favourite sport via the Encyclopaedia Fan Section. There you will find biographies, history and statistics on players, clubs and country teams. Videos of match and goal highlights, exceptional player moves and informative interviews can be accessed, and subscribers can upload amateur football clips.


Join us and have fun with our sports quiz content. Amaze your friends with your superior knowledge of the sport.

Social Media Hub

Through the AIM Concept social media hub, information on players, teams and leagues will be regularly updated. All the football information will be collated into one feed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. Daily football news alerts are also provided for our subscribers and watch out for SMS vouchers issued for local events!

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