Smart Life

By using the Lifeskills portal our subscribers are able to develop skills and to share their life experiences with others. This aids with personal development leading to greater success and fulfilment in life for both young and old. Making a career choice can be difficult but the portal gives guidance and solid advice to assist. A lack of a formal education need not be the huge obstacle to success it is often made out to be. New skills can be learned and there are moneymaking opportunities out there for ambitious, hard working individuals. The portal provides tools and information about the areas shown below.


Smart Life Services



Check out the AIM Concept youth empowerment programme. On the ‘boost your brain’ portal there are tools to help with personal development.


Learn about the culture that has forged the African continent over millennia, making its people unique in the world.


Information is provided about furthering education to secure a better job leading to an improvement in financial security, thereby enhancing an individual’s lifestyle.


Information and useful tools for those without the benefit of a formal education. The subjects covered are wide ranging, with fashion design, tailoring and auto mechanics at the forefront.

Soft Skills

Learn about building solid social and working relationships through enhancing social graces, improving communication skills and the use of language in daily life.

Home Making

Learn about the everyday things that have to be done when running and maintaining a happy home. Advice is available about bringing up the children, washing, cooking, and having a productive garden.

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