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Through our exciting and useful infotainment services we provide access to information on the current state of affairs in Africa and beyond. In addition, engaging entertainment is available that keeps our subscribers glued to their phones.


Smart Info Services


Lifestyle Tips

Useful tips on a diverse range of subjects. Our subscribers might read about fashion, managing money or how to repair a broken down car. In fact, we cover just about every element of daily life you can think of.


We keep our subscribers fully up to date with all the latest news from the world of infotainment. The range of interests we cover is large and the stories relate to local and international events involving celebrities from the world of film, music and TV. Latest releases and upcoming events are also featured.


Everyone enjoys a good laugh – it’s good for your health as well! We supply hilarious jokes to entertain our users, their friends and families.


A player can win one of our daily, weekly or monthly prizes by having a go at one of our quizzes. To join in, he or she simply texts the word QUIZ to a designated short code. This will then prompt a question. Once that is answered, another will be asked. This can continue as long as the player wishes. The subject of the questions asked covers a wide range.


We felt that mobile phone communication should have a social aspect so we offer a ‘chat’ facility for our subscribers. This allows interaction between users that already know each other and those making contact for the first time. This feature is also useful for facilitating group activities.


Stand out from the crowd and liven up your phone, tablet or PC by choosing from our large range of wallpapers.

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