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Aimsmartcare is an easy to access digital information and health service provision via SMS, internet portal and an app. Working with its telecoms partners AIM Concept provides a unique solution designed to improve the health of millions of Africans through the delivery of information via mobile phones direct to those that need it, even in remote communities. In health matters, knowledge is certainly empowering; AIMSmartcare provides that knowledge. By providing advice and a means of communication with health professionals, and through issuing medication reminders many African lives will be improved, and indeed, saved. AIMSmartcare provides the following services:


Smart Care Services


Ask a Doctor

Living in a remote location is no longer a problem when medical advice is required. By using our SMS or voice message service, ‘Ask a Doctor’, advice will be received on how to stop a health problem worsening. In the case of an infectious disease, appropriate advice could prevent it spreading within a community.


Reputable organisations have certified our advice and health education service that keeps subscribers up to date with current health issues and provides daily tips and alerts via SMS.
Personal health cover is also available with reputable insurance companies through mHealth.

Bump Companion

This is a very useful service for pregnant women. The advice and information is provided on a daily basis and is proving an invaluable support for African mothers to be. Physical signs indicating that medical attention might be needed are pointed out and advice on living a healthy lifestyle is given.

On the Wagon

This vital daily SMS service helps individuals change their lives by addressing drug and alcohol abuse. It even assists with giving up smoking. Such life changes are not easy to achieve but behavioural change is definitely possible with the support of AIMSmartcare.

Vital Resource Connect

All local health services are listed at Vital Resource Connect and the nearest facility can quickly be located. GPS coordinates are given to help with locating the site. We also provide customer relationship management aids to assist health facilities to manage information relating to patients and staff.

NGO Connect

NGO’s can register with mHealth allowing them to take advantage of outreach services.
They will be able to roll-out targeted campaigns aimed at certain demographics using a profile provided by AIM Concept. The adherence to medication regimens will be easier to maintain through the reminder system. Registration is free for such bodies.

SMS Reminder

Provides SMS reminders to ensure that important health care appointments are not missed. The service can also issue reminders to take medication.


Our portal keeps subscribers fully up to date with all the latest news on health matters. A regular newsletter is sent to subscribers. The portal also features details of special events and there are insights on health topics provided by industry specialists. Articles on health related subjects also feature.


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