WHO are We?

The founders of AIM Concept had the vision to understand the importance and potential of mobile phone technology in helping the people of Africa in many different ways. To realise that vision we assembled a young,dynamic and socially responsible team to implement the value added services that will make that possible. Some of our innovative ideas are already in use and we are proud that our futuristic outlook is pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge technology in directions never before imagined. Information is empowering and that is what we at AIM Concept are delivering to the African people.


Meet The Team


At AIM Concept, we maintain a very high standard of business ethics in all dealings with our telecom partners and the users of our value added services (VAS). All members of staff are fully aware that the company’s fundamental and underlying principle is always to have in mind our moral obligations and associated social responsibilities when planning, implementing and maintaining services. We know that we can enrich African lives by keeping those ideals firmly in mind while utilising cutting-edge digital technology to increase human interactivity and personal empowerment through knowledge.


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