Digital content deal between AIM & FC Barcelona

AIM Concept, one of Africa’s leading mobile service and content providers, recently signed a digital distribution deal with Football Club (FC) Barcelona. This agreement allows for the mobile distribution of football content throughout Cameroon, Senegal, Congo, and Chad.

The deal has created an engagement platform to bring football fans with access to mobile technology in these African countries closer to FC Barcelona. This is the first deal of its kind for any Cameroonian brand.

“We are extremely pleased to have secured the mobile rights for FC Barcelona for the said territories. This will allow the club to provide its fans with more intimate fan experience. These are exciting times as most of the countries south of the Sahara switch to 3 and 4G”, explains Kingsley Pungong, CEO of Rainbow World Group, which brokered the deal between AIM Concept and FC Barcelona.  The new association enables AIM Concept and FC Barcelona to reach out and interact with football enthusiasts via digital platforms; this is a first for many African nations.

About AIM Concept

AIM Concept was founded on the principle that mobile communications and technology can make a dramatic difference in the lives of the people of Africa. The company works to achieve its goals across a wide range of sectors including health care through its mHealth project, entertainment, football, and social interaction.



AIM & MTN Cameroon partners on mHealth & YEP

AIM Concept recently formed an alliance with MTN Cameroon to widen the avenues of access to information available through its internet portal and its SMS services for the people of Africa.

The partnership between MTN and AIM Concept brings easy-to-access digital information, infotainment and health advice to Africans via AIM Concept’s mHealth initiative. This is achieved by utilising the internet to provide an information packed portal, with an app and an SMS text messaging service being used to distribute information and advice, and to provide access to health services for those living in very remote communities. The service is enhanced by USSD during communication sessions as well as VOIP for voice communications and multimedia sessions. The goal is to help contain and fight disease, thus reducing the number of premature deaths and to lower the infant mortality rates throughout the region.

By partnering with MTN Cameroon, a leader in national telecommunications, AIM Concept has a direct hand in the YEP programme, which is delivering digital content and information to Cameroonian youths with the goal of creating new world opportunities for subscribers. The two companies are working together to help young Cameroonians develop their projects by using education, football, and music as expression and development mediums.

The growing availability of smartphones and the decreasing prices of such services throughout Africa are making it possible for companies like AIM Concept and MTN Cameroon to spread information, increase connectivity, and share digital content.

AIM Concept is a leader in Africa’s mobile service and content provider sector. The company focuses on fields and platforms including social interaction, entertainment, and health care. It also works with a range of telecom partners to provide value added services (VAS) throughout Africa.

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